A little about us...

I opened Shendells Ladies Rings with my husband after working in a jewellery store for years and having to send so many disappointed faces away because sterling silver rings only came in boring standard sizes. I hated that! Now? I hate no more.  We have so much fun finding gorgeous rings in out of the ordinary sizes. We are plus size jewellery specialists located in Australia and Here we believe rules for 'average' sizes don't exist.


What we’re really all about...

Let’s break it down!

  • Designing and discovering new jewellery that is the perfect size for you is one of my major joys in life. Seriously, nothing lights me up more than hearing from a customer that they've finally found a ring they love that fits.
  • Giving you on-trend and classic ring styles in out of the average sizes is REALLY what we’re all about.
  •  'Average ' is not our friend. Our mission is for EVERYONE, no mater the size of their hands can wear something beautiful 

To find out your ring size get your Free Printable Ring Sizer with sizing tips


And some more good news...

You will automatically receive 5% off any purchases over $60 as well as free shipping within Australia.

So excited to serve you.  Stay in touch!
Shendell xo