Special Request Orders

Ordering A Ring In Your Size or Making a Special Request Order

Do you see a ring in our store that you love but it isn't available in your size? Don't dismay! It may still be available. 

Many rings here can be special ordered for you in sizes other than what  you see in store  If you have browsed our online store you may have spotted a ring style you love that is not in your size.  Here at Shendell's Ladies Rings although we specialise in large size rings, we still want to ensure that no matter your size, you can wear a stunning peice of Jewellery.  When searching for a ring you will find the most variety in the size 10 / T category but most of these rings can be ordered in other sizes. 

If you would like to order a ring in your size please contact us with the ring style you would like. We will promptly let you know if the ring you require is available in your size and when it would arrive by.   In most cases there should be only a maximum of a 5 week wait for available rings. For sizes below 6 / L please visit www.houseofpetiterings.com.au. 

This enquiry should be made before you purchase and pay for a ring. Your email address will be kept on file so that you can be contacted when your order arrives and you can then proceed with your purchase.

We also welcome you to contact us for any of your other ring sterling silver, stainless steel or gold plated ring requests. Just let us know the type of ring style you are looking for and we are always happy to see what similar designs are available to us so that we can custom order your request.

Now you know you are able to select from a larger range of rings in our store you may like to start shopping your next perfect ring!