Shop By Ring Size

Do you see a ring in store that you love but it isn't available in your size? Don't dismay! It may still be available. 

Many rings can be special ordered in sizes 4 - 12 ( Sizes H to X) In a few cases they are also available in size 13 / Z)   Most Jewellery Stores only sell rings in standard sizes but 'Shendells Ladies Rings' want to ensure that people needing any ring size including plus size rings and petite size rings can still wear a stunning peice of Jewellery.  

If you would like to order a ring in your size that is currently not in stock please contact us with the ring style you would like. We will let you know if the ring you require is available and when it would arrive by.   Shendells Ladies Rings places an order with the supplier each month.  So there should be a maximum of a 5 week wait for available rings