Promise Rings

Promise Rings

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 Find PROMISE RINGS to pledge your love.  In our range of commitment rings you will find the perfect style for your loved one. At Shendell's Ladies Rings we will help you make your vow with romantic sentiment and style. 


What is the meaning of a promise ring? 

The meaning of a promise ring is usually to symbolize a commitment to love, friendship or a promise. The ring is worn as a sign of commitment between two people.  No need freak out if you are given a promise ring when you're not ready to get married. LOL.  When your boyfriend gives you a promise ring it can mean many things.  It can be a pre-engagement ring or temporary engagement ring, though the giver may just want want to say 'I promise to always love you' or even desires to show the serious relationship that is just developing.

Which finger should you wear a promise ring?

Don't Stress! Promise rings can be worn on any finger you choose or even worn on a chain around your neck. Really what matters is that it means something to the wearer and the giver. It depends on your reason for commitment or the promise you are making but the most common way to wear a promise ring is on the left hand ring finger. (second finger from the left) Though if your's is a promise of marriage or engagement then it is more common to wear the ring on the right hand ring finger (second finger from the right)